20,000 Per Cell: Why Midi-chlorians Suck


One word ruined Star Wars for me, and probably for a generation of fans, too. That word wasn’t Jar Jar or Watto. It wasn’t a character.

It was “midi-chlorians.”

With that one word, the mechanisms of the Force became less spiritual and more scientific. Major bummer. The draw of the concept of the Force in the Original Trilogy is that it comes across as a low-maintenance religion. It’s kinda like Unitarianism that also gives you psychic powers and enables you to jump, fight and stare better than other members of your respective species. (Seriously, Jedi wield eye contact like a weapon. Never get into a staring contest with them.) You couldn’t measure the Force really, unless it whopped you upside the head. It was just there, lingering like a threat or a promise.

Until, of course, “midi-chlorians.”

Moreover, “midi-chlorians” messes up every extrapolated wish fulfillment that accompanies Star Wars

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