Writing discovery

For years, I have been sporadically looking for a way to find my writing process. I know that I do not want to write by the seat of my pants only to look forward to endless rewrites that “might” make it better.

I have discovered Larry Brook’s Story Engineering a couple of months ago. Pretty good information, at least I think so that I bought some of his stuff.

Last night, an associate of mine told me of FocusWriter. It is a free, opensource writing program that is distraction free.

I am all about distraction free. I have Jdarkroom. I used it.

The only problem is that Jdarkroom saves only in text format.

I am looking for programs that save in real text format or dot rtf format.

Reason being, is that rtf is, so far, readable by nearly any writing program on the planet (US side) I think.

Real text is better than text as it saves formatting. I think.

Anyways, after watching the new Conan movie at a friend’s house last night, I got home and downloaded FocusWriter. At first, I was taken aback by the gray screen with cursor. I typed a little. I remembered reading something about mousing at the top. There was the menu bar.


After a little fiddling, I think I can easily use FocusWriter to write my scenes and use yWriter to keep it organized. For idea and outlining I have been using Freemind. Another free java mindmap program that is incredibly easy to use.

I think things are going to work out.

Ipad 2 and why I won’t buy it

I have been considering an Ipad 2 for a little while now. Especially since my Acer netbook is having video problems. I have resorted to my older laptop for writing at work, but it is heavy. Light and mobile is what I am wanting.

Ipad 2 with a bluetooth keyboard has my eye.

The deal breaker so far is it lacks usb ports. That is my preferred method of transferring files and backups via external hard drive. Since I have window machines, an apple tablet would not do.

If anything, I might get a macbook air, macbook, or at the extreme end of my budget if I manage to save enough over a year, a macbook pro.

Even though those seem sexy and desirable, I most likely get another netbook or ultraportable (cheap one) with windows as that is what I am most familiar with.

I seen a netbook model that has windows 7 64 bit, (wow). I just upgraded my old desktop with win7 home premium 64 bit this year and they have a laptop that is similar?

I plan on using the netbook for writing and surfing the web. Intention is on writing first and mobility was an issue, but more battery power is key. The Toshiba satellite I have is currently fitting the bill for now. Just getting a bit of a workout carrying the sob. Learning that I get more juice not using the web at work when at lunch and just write.

From my past experience though, I might just leave the laptop at home and just take notes at work. I noticed that I hardly every wrote anything away from home. I have a digital voice recorder and always have a pen and paper on hand. With that past experience in mind, I may have to forget getting a new netbook or ultraportable for the foreseeable future.

Might be fiscally responsible for me.