Useful Writing Resources

For a long time, I have scoured the libraries, bookstores, and to the ends of the internet for tips and tools on writing fiction. Soon, I started to grow weary that everything sounded the same.

Then the tip of the iceberg fell off and I was plunged into the abyss of knowledge. I have found more stuff on writing that is useful to me and hopefully useful to you.

The key factor for me in getting stuff done is the KISS principle.

Keep It Simple Stupid.

If it is easy to do, then it should also be fun. Writing should be fun. It was fun for me a long time ago. Somewhere I lost the spark, the zest for writing.

It became not fun.

I think it came with the professed knowledge of a lot of well-meaning established and published writers that give out tons of “what to do” and “not what to do”.

John D. Brown calls this “Rulesitis”

There is so much “rules” out there I was in a state of paralysis for years.

John D. Brown has tons of information on his website He also has videos on youtube which I will link later as I am writing this before work.

I have this idea for a science fiction military adventure that has been percolating in my mind, on my computer and tons of notes all across my apartment. Just don’t think I can do it justice. Now that I think of it, it my be my “golden egg” idea as Brandon Sanderson said on writing excuses. The “golden egg” idea is something that I am putting way too much importance on. Just get it done the best I can and move on.

At least that is what I got out of that.

Later, I will put up more links and information I have found.

Edit: Links I promised. This is Part 1 on YouTube:

Dan Wells on Story Structure: