Getting back in World of Warcraft

I haven’t played World of Warcraft for a couple of years. Then my friend told me that he was getting a new mac mini earlier this year. He told me that finally, he should be able to play the game without suffering 2 frames per second. It was expected that I should follow suit.

One night after work, I happened to stop by the local Target. On a whim, I picked up the newest expansion Cataclysm on impulse. That surprised me. I haven’t put much thought into wow for a couple of years. What made me decide to get back into the game? I wasn’t sure.

I got home and installed the game. Renewed my membership and got back in. Immediately, my old guild remembered me. That was cool.

My friend came by and I showed him the game and he was elated. He couldn’t wait for his new computer to come.

Well, things are going well. I don’t play every moment like I used to. I think too much of a good thing could ruin it.

Still new to this blogging thing. I could get used to it. Then again, I might forget I have it. Time will tell.