Nearly endless quest for writing tools

The eternal struggle to find the writing tools I think I need is coming to an end.

I hope.

I just read that some SciFi writers have been using the venerable WordStar for pretty much all their careers.

I must have it.

Some time later, I tried getting a program called joe in arch linux. Since I have been using arch linux for my netbook, I figured I should try to get something that emulated WordStar. Got it to work, but a real pain to configure properly. I ended up giving up on it.

After much teeth gnashing and late nights, I have come to the conclusion of using RoughDraft 3. It hasn’t been updated since 2005 or so, but it works. I like RD as it has a notepad connected on the right side, which I can make vanish if needed. Pretty useful to have something there for notes that don’t clutter up my writing. Since I went back to trying out RD for a while, I figured I needed to put it on my arch linux netbook.

Then there was more gnashing of teeth and a not too long night.

Apparently the RD program requires me to have a printer selected in Windows for it to install. Doesn’t matter if I am not connected to a printer at all. Just need to have one in setup.

Working with arch linux has been fun and frustrating. I spent a few hours working on trying to get a printer thing going. I had to download a package called cups. Also more stuff to get cups to work. Find out that I only need a cups-client or something like that. Hours of runaround.

I eventually gave up on having RD on my netbook.

In RD, I liked the prose mode it has. Meaning, auto-indent feature. Pretty any program has that feature, but I love the minimalist interface.

Looking at my other preferred writing software, FocusWriter, it also is minimal in the interface department. I wished it had the auto-indent feature.

In checking out a test document I typed in RD, I put in Dropbox and opened it up on my netbook with FocusWriter. Looking at one of the sentences, I pressed the tab button.

The tab is the same as the auto-indent in RD.

I am in business.

Side note: I got wireless activated in my netbook. Primary reason was so that I can promptly update Dropbox with my work just in case the worst happens and my netbook got trashed somehow. I also have a thumbdrive for on site backup of the entire Dropbox folder.

Now I just need to write and stop surfing the damn net 🙂