Reading and barely writing

I have been soaking up stuff over at I spend a lot of time reading up Larry’s take on story engineering.

Fortunately, I have been doing a bit of writing too. Getting the design down. Designing the novel is working for me.

At least it seems like it. I am managing to get more done in the past few months than I have done in years.

A friend of mine wants to write too and asked if he could look at what I have and collaborate with me.

I said sure. Why not?

I emailed him what stuff I currently have. Don’t know if he is looking at it or not. The other day, I decided to get Dropbox.

I am glad I did.

Dropbox is not only great for collaboration, it is taking the place transferring files between my computers with a flashdrive.

Very useful.

Even though Dropbox has a bank level security, I might just encrypt stuff. I may not. Depends.