The darkest secrets of Choose Your Own Adventure books

I recently got a kindle book about writing CYOA books. Checking this post out to see what other information they have.

The Delve

You are reading a blog post about Choose Your Own Adventure, a series of books popular in the 1980s and noted for plot lines with multiple endings and a reader-as-protagonist framework. As your eyes scan the screen, the text branches into two sentences, each ending in hyperlinks.

To read about the history of the Choose Your Own Adventure series, click here.

To read about the bleak nihilism of the authors and the existential damage inflicted upon kids by the Choose Your Own Adventure series, click here.


The History of Choose Your Own Adventure

“You are practicing law in New York, supporting a family and paying the bills. But in your spare time, you also are writing children’s books,” wrote Scott Kraft in a 1981 profile of Choose Your Own Adventure creator Edward Packard. “What do you do? If you choose to remain a lawyer, this is the end of your…

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