I have been focusing 150% on what I don’t have. That is a woman in my life. I have been told by a coworker that I focus too much on it and not being happy.

Took me some time to think about it.

Conclusion: I concur with that assessment.

Time to focus on something else.

Like ways of making money online. Since I spend a ton of time online, I might as well look for ways of making more of that sweet green stuff I like so much and don’t have very much of.


Revisiting Dragon Naturally Speaking

Today I am going to talk about Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Standard Edition. I got this program a few years back with the intention of aiding in my writing endeavors. I barely used it.

Originally I installed it on my Vista laptop that was a 32-bit system. It didn’t work too well at first.

The gripes I had are as follows:

  1. the training didn’t work too well for some reason. I assumed that my AC unit was interfering with the noise. I don’t want to turn my AC unit off because it was a really hot summer.
  2. the headset that came with it was too tight on my head. It was actually painful putting it on my head.
  3. this space reserved for another gripe.
I stopped using it for about a year. Then I got myself a net book. I decided to try it on the net book. It didn’t work as well as I hoped. It was too slow. Upon reflection, I might have had unrealistic expectations. Then again, I did spend $100 on this software.
So, DNS sat unused in my apartment for about another year.
By the time my tax return came around, I decided to upgrade my desktop computer. Put in Windows 7 64-bit home premium. A new graphics card, and upgraded the RAM to 8 GB.
I decided to install Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 and see how it works on the upgraded system.
it is working fantastically. I am very much impressed with how it recognizes my speech, my words with few errors. There still some learning for me to do. I suspect that my RAM might have something to do with it. Also I went back to using the original wired headset that came with the package. I just have been bending the headset so it isn’t so tight on my skull.
For the most part, I have been dictating this posting with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 with a few corrections via voice and keyboard. I even have the air conditioning window unit going as I speak. It is doing just fine.