Such an evil thing. I put off things for another day. They still need to be done. Too bad things I need to do, don’t do themselves. I wished my apartment would clean itself, my laundry is self-cleaning, and my book(s) write themselves.

Maybe someday in the future. I have to make do with my Mark I hands.

I need to sit down and just write.

Writing software

For years I have searched for programs for making writing easier. I was searching for the holy grail that would write my story, send it out and I would rake in the millions that was my due.

Years later, I wised up and learned that there is no such thing as easy when it comes to writing. Nevertheless, I still looked for nifty writing programs.

I eventually came across someone’s blog about writing. He mentioned that a program must be able to save in rich text format. That was a mind blowing revelation. Using rich text means you can open and edit that document with nearly any word processor out there. That makes it valuable in case your expensive, multifunction word processor goes belly up for some reason.

With that in mind, I refined my searchings. I already had Word 2007, yWriter, and Roughdraft. I discovered jDarkroom as a simple writer that saves in txt. I like the minimalist of jdark, but need a bit more functionality.

Then I discovered Liquid Story Binder from Black Obelisk Software. It was $45 but after playing around with it, I dropped the cash. LSB is cool that I can run it from a portable thumb drive. It is extremely customizable. I currently use LSB exclusively for writing.

For designing novels, Snowflake Pro is a must have. Designed by Randy Ingermanson, it helps in designing a novel.

There are other programs I have, but will mention them in another post.

Cool new book

I got myself a Barnes and Noble Nook for Christmas last year for myself. I got the wireless + 3G version. I wanted a Kindle but I had the darnedest time finding one. I got the Nook instead at Best Buy as an impulse buy.

I am glad I did.

Turns out that the Nook supports more file formats than the Kindle. I can put files on it from my computer. I can even upgrade the memory with a micro SD card should I so choose.

That made me a very happy man.

Anyways, I was searching the B&N online store when I came across a book about writing. Now, I have a shelf full of books on how to write, on writing and even more stuff on writing. This new book I was looking at was called, “Immediate Fiction”, by Jerry Cleaver. Before I bought it, I did some research first. Almost every review gave it praise.

I got the book.

Now, I am not truly working like I should be on the novel I have been wanting to work on. But this book made it easier.

I just need to get past the procrastination.

Getting back in World of Warcraft

I haven’t played World of Warcraft for a couple of years. Then my friend told me that he was getting a new mac mini earlier this year. He told me that finally, he should be able to play the game without suffering 2 frames per second. It was expected that I should follow suit.

One night after work, I happened to stop by the local Target. On a whim, I picked up the newest expansion Cataclysm on impulse. That surprised me. I haven’t put much thought into wow for a couple of years. What made me decide to get back into the game? I wasn’t sure.

I got home and installed the game. Renewed my membership and got back in. Immediately, my old guild remembered me. That was cool.

My friend came by and I showed him the game and he was elated. He couldn’t wait for his new computer to come.

Well, things are going well. I don’t play every moment like I used to. I think too much of a good thing could ruin it.

Still new to this blogging thing. I could get used to it. Then again, I might forget I have it. Time will tell.