Current quest on the craft of writing

I’m currently searching for ways to get words down more easily for the first draft.

The more I look, the more I am considering what I thought earlier last week.

That all the rules I have read on writing, is for the editing phase.

Correction: most of the rules. I am a believer in planning or outlining. At least have a tentative blueprint to see where you are going. Maybe.

Writing by the seat-of-my-pants may be my style. Or a mix of both.

I will never know until I actually sit down and write.

I did write 50,000 words in 2012 for Nanowrimo. To call it a novel…probably not. But I wrote it with a minimal plan in mind. Just ideas I put into notes for a few years and a little bit of pain from my life.

Just get to it and write.

Also found this on PsycheTruth youtube channel. PsycheTruth is one of my favorites. Lots of great information. I was surprised to find that it had videos on writing. This author I didn’t know.