Short Fiction

I wrote a novel or something that can be called a novel around 50,000 words back in November, 2012. I have another idea I am working on, but not feeling it. I don’t want to abandon it though. Also dreading going back to my fifty thousand plus word monstrosity and attempt an edit on it.

Then, on my late night surfings of the web, I come across something I discounted as worthless long ago.

Short Stories.

The idea is that if I can write a short story, the completing a project itself would help my confidence. Once the confidence goes up then I might be able to look forward to writing and not worry if I am on the right track with a novel.

I downloaded a book on called How to Write Short Stories in 6 Easy Steps by KS Tan. Pretty interesting read. Maybe I can build a novel using each chapter as a somewhat self contained short story. Interesting idea. Not sure about it though. Perhaps I will do more research on it.

I have several ideas for short stories and already have a clipboard next to my computer filling up with notes. Should be good.

Other notes:

The cool thing I discovered earlier this month is that Amazon has a cloud reader I can put on a browser and read. Which is especially cool as I don’t have a kindle. Found out that my linux netbook can put the cloud reader in the Chromium browser I installed. Seriously awesome. Another neat feature of the cloud reader is that i can download the books for offline reading. Useful when I don’t want to connect to the net to save on battery life.

Other books on writing puts me on a roll. I seem to be collecting books on a budget mindset. The book by KS Tan was $2.99. Earlier this month I got a few of the Busy Writer guides on Amazon for $3.99 each. These are the One Hour Character, One Hour Plot, Book of Checklists and Self Editing.


I have been reading novels for many years now. I might have a good feel for what to put into a novel. With this same thought, I should be also reading short stories too. To get a feel how short stories are put together.

Should be good. Getting an excited feeling about writing again. Very good.

I also read a lot in other categories also as I am interested in a great many things.

If you have any tips, tricks and/or resources or whatever you want to share-feel free to share in comments 🙂