New OS for my netbook and a revelation

Recently, I fully installed Ubuntu 11.10 on my little Acer Aspire Netbook. I used it for about a month or so. The Linux OS was cool. I liked it, minus the Unity interface. I switched the desktop manager from Ubuntu to XFCE or something like that. I liked the minimal feel of the manager. I made it so that the launchers were hidden to maximize my 10 inches of desktop.

Only one problem. It booted up too slow for my tastes.

I was on the elusive hunt to speed up my boot process. One of the reasons I installed Ubuntu on my other laptop that sports Window’s Vista. Vista took forever to boot. I don’t bring that laptop around with me due the reason that it is heavy. Not very portable. My netbook, though, is very portable. Just needed an OS that I could configure to boot reasonably fast.

Step in Archlinux. Reason I went to Archlinux was that is one of the Linux OS’ that was supported by Focuswriter. An opensource program that I wanted to be sure to run on Archlinux.

I didn’t truly understand what I was stepping into. Archlinux isn’t really noob friendly, but it took me back to my roots of playing in DOS with Win95. It took me many hours and several really late nights but I got Archlinux up and running on my netbook.

Boot time, approximately 30 seconds. Archlinux is so minimal that I haven’t got my wireless set up yet. I gotten Dropbox installed and working. The ethernet connection worked right away. I decided not to set up the wireless as internet tends to curb me from writing. I discovered that at work the other day. In the breakroom, I was plugging away on my netbook. Unable to connect to the Starbucks complementary wireless network, I was denied my usual habit of checking email, surfing the web and pretty much everything that aided me in avoiding writing.

So for now, wireless is out. Now I have a dedicated writing platform and that is awesome.