Her loss

I have been reading a bunch of blogs and articles about how the nice guy finishes last and the jerks always get the girls. It used to bug since my early years.

I just have to go back to my earlier advice I gave to someone years ago.

It’s her loss if she doesn’t go for you.

If she doesn’t think or have any romantic feelings for you at all. Time to move on and forget her as being anything other than a friend.

Don’t let her borrow money.

Don’t let her walk all over you.

Don’t let her misbehave.

It is disrespectful and people deserve better.

There are many women out there I really liked but didn’t return the feelings at all. Not that they are bad people. Well some of them anyways.

Just because she is attractive and hit the hormone mating radar most men have, doesn’t mean she is deserving of your attention.

Just move on and don’t get fat like me. They say there is someone out there for everyone.

I just haven’t found her yet.


I have been focusing 150% on what I don’t have. That is a woman in my life. I have been told by a coworker that I focus too much on it and not being happy.

Took me some time to think about it.

Conclusion: I concur with that assessment.

Time to focus on something else.

Like ways of making money online. Since I spend a ton of time online, I might as well look for ways of making more of that sweet green stuff I like so much and don’t have very much of.


My life long quest with women

I have been single all my life, except for two days. There was this woman that was into me but I wasn’t into her.

At the prodding of coworkers, I finally succumbed to a date. Things let to another and she said she loved me. Whoa…

Two days later, I broke it off.

Back into my dry spell of loneliness.

You and I would think finding a member of the opposite sex that declares love at first sight would be awesome after years of nothing.

Time to move on. If I find a woman that I like and she likes me, groovy. If not, oh well.

Growing old alone is ok.