Flash Fiction Challenge: 200 Hundred Words at a time Part 2

Last week Chuck Wendig put up a Flash Fiction Challenge to write a 200 start to a story, but not finish it. The following weeks, you choose another person’s story and add 200 words to it.
This week is Part 2.
I missed last week because I am a noob.
But I digress.

The story I chose is from J.F. Juzwik’s: The Reunion. It can be found here: http://jfjuzwik.blogspot.com/2013/11/terrible-minds-flash-fiction-challenge_25.html

Part 1:


They are waking up slowly, one by one.  It has been so long since we have been together–so much time and distance between us.  Fate stepped in and assisted with my plans for our ten-year reunion.  Their surprise will be my sublime pleasure.  I will greet them with a smile, as they often did me.  Mine will be counterfeit.  Too.  As I watch and wait, I remember.

Our childhood games.  Simon Says go play in traffic.  Hide and Seek, and I am left for dead.  Scrabble dictates slit your wrists.  The promise of friendship broken as it was pledged.  Rejected, abandoned, deceived.  Ah, the sweet memories of my youth.

These three companions, these three acquaintances, these three schoolmates, these three abominations.  I did not fit with them.  Or anyone.  They still pulled.  And pushed.  And tormented.

The bars and floor of their cage are wired.  In my heart, I know they will be pleased with this game I have selected.  It will be so familiar.  So typical.  So fitting.

Wake up, my friends.  My very dear friends.  Let us share one last stroll down memory lane.  One more, before I flip the switch and turn on my hose…

Part 2

Chad was the first to wake. He was the strongest. Fitting. He also was the dumbest. Standing up, he shook off the after effects of the drug.

He looked up and saw me through the bars of the cage.

I smiled.

“What is this?” Chad asked.

“Wait for the others, we are going to play a game.”


The other two, Carl and Cynthia were fully awake now, listening to our exchange.

“Yes. A game. Like what we played during our childhood together. Remember?”

Chad shook his head.

“Of course you remember how you goaded me into traffic. How you three tied me to a tree. Not to mention your house rules for Scrabble.”

“Come on, we were just children then.” Cynthia said. She looked scared.

“What do you think Carl?” I asked

Carl rubbed his hand through his hair. “What’s your game?”

I clapped, “Just like old times.”

The three were silent. Wary. This isn’t going to end well for them.


“The game is three challenges. There will be one winner at each stage. You get to choose one among the other two who will advance with you.”

“What happens to the one?” Cynthia asked.

I smiled.

Haven’t written in days

Nanowrimo is almost over. It is the 25th of November. I looked at my dropbox folder at the date I last modified my story.
It was November 14th.
What have I been doing instead of writing?
Sleeping, eating, sleeping some more. Watching documentaries on youtube. Playing games on Facebook and Steam.
Anything but writing.
I am in my fourth month of unemployment as my store closed down in August. I haven’t found a place that would hire me. Seven years in the Seafood business, total of ten years at the same company. You would think I would be someone to hire as I stay with a job.
I think it is because I make too much money. Just a unproven theory.
I am looking at being homeless in a couple of months.
I have been looking at online jobs. Tried getting into some.
Rejection, rejection, rejection.
My mental state has been deteriorating.
People that I want to be around haven’t talked to me in months. Normally I think they are busy. I suspect that they don’t want to be around me.
I was told that I am a nice guy. Fun.
Reality sets in.
I should be writing. The thing is that it won’t make me any money.
Last year, I actually finished Nanowrimo with a novel. Instead of going back into it and see if it is worth anything, I gave up on it and tucked it away.
I shown it to a few people.
I got only one feedback. Only one.
It was positive though.