Dealing with Rejection

I originally posted this in a Nanowrimo group on Facebook. Going back to see if anyone liked it or commented on it, I noticed it was buried under the sheer numbers of postings other folk put down. Instead of whining about it, I just going to repost it here. It seems that everyone in the group wants to be heard and that is ok. I will work with it.

I was looking at how to face rejection and tips to help with the inevitable rejection I will some day face. At Writer’s Digest, I read this article.
In the middle is an advertisement by author of the article Holly McDowell. I was about to skip reading it but something caught my eye.
She writes digital serial novels. The cool thing that caught me was that if you read to the end of her book, you can vote in which direction the story should go.
Besides choose-your-adventure books as a kid, this is the first time I read of an author enlisting the aid of her readers like this.
This is a really cool idea. Might have to try it someday.


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