Fear of Not Being Read

I have many fears. Fears that have kept me from writing. The fear of not being good enough. People may critique it saying it is horribly bad. Go away. Don’t write again. Ever.

Or the fear of not being read.

I am facing that particular fear right now. I suspect it is because I haven’t written enough to be noticed. Every time I make a post, it is connected to my twitter feed. What goes into my twitter feed from me, goes into Facebook.

I get one, maybe two people reading it. Maybe.

Most of the time it goes unread.

Well. I suppose I should keep at it. Maybe someday someone might read it and say, “Holy shit! This is good stuff!” In my dreams, but you never know.

I will never know unless I write it and put it out there.

3 thoughts on “Fear of Not Being Read

  1. I think every writer has that fear. But in this day and age we’re lucky we can self-publish and blog. Imagine fifty years ago… buy enough paper to write it on…photocopy it… find a publisher… go through your budget of photocopies and postage or courier… get rejected…
    At least now, we can exchange tricks and help each other out! Keep writing!

  2. I can relate! I don’t have a lot of blog followers. Part of me is glad actually – less pressure I guess. But the other part of me wants more, of course. As I started commenting on other people’s blogs it helped to get more people to visit mine. I’m slowly growing and I’m happy with the pace. I’m sure your recognition will come! Good luck! 🙂

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