Haven’t written in days

Nanowrimo is almost over. It is the 25th of November. I looked at my dropbox folder at the date I last modified my story.
It was November 14th.
What have I been doing instead of writing?
Sleeping, eating, sleeping some more. Watching documentaries on youtube. Playing games on Facebook and Steam.
Anything but writing.
I am in my fourth month of unemployment as my store closed down in August. I haven’t found a place that would hire me. Seven years in the Seafood business, total of ten years at the same company. You would think I would be someone to hire as I stay with a job.
I think it is because I make too much money. Just a unproven theory.
I am looking at being homeless in a couple of months.
I have been looking at online jobs. Tried getting into some.
Rejection, rejection, rejection.
My mental state has been deteriorating.
People that I want to be around haven’t talked to me in months. Normally I think they are busy. I suspect that they don’t want to be around me.
I was told that I am a nice guy. Fun.
Reality sets in.
I should be writing. The thing is that it won’t make me any money.
Last year, I actually finished Nanowrimo with a novel. Instead of going back into it and see if it is worth anything, I gave up on it and tucked it away.
I shown it to a few people.
I got only one feedback. Only one.
It was positive though.