Ask Correia 4 – Idea Management

-Ideas are just that, ideas. They are everywhere. Everyone has them. Just takes a bit of creativity to make something of it and write it.

Monster Hunter Nation

 I was asked this question after my last writing update.  During that post I outlined the next few projects I want to tackle and the order I want to do them in. I started to respond, but then realized it was actually kind of complicated, and maybe I could help out some aspiring writers with my inane ramblings.

I just wanted to know how you keep track of all of these ideas. Or in other words, how do you organize it all. I love to write as well, but I suck at getting it all organized. In my head, everything works, but getting it onto my computer screen nice and tidy is tough. Its fun, but its tough. Do you have a set process for coming up with and incorporating new ideas? – Mikey Smith


This is actually a couple of different things, so first off, let me talk…

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