Lack of Confidence in Your Writing

There it is. The C-word. Confidence. One of the things that can stop you from writing and that is not good.

So I went and did a search online about writers and confidence. Of course there are a lot of people out there that have the same feeling. Even the published ones. I came across one of my favorite sites ( and found this on the forums and found a comment that was just too awesome not to share.

The comment below was awesome. Credit goes to the poster at  Layla Nahar. I just corrected one spelling error because I am picky 😉

“I’d recommend two things. ah – nope three things

1) Make your immediate goal the completion of your first draft.

2) set aside all concerns about your writing and think only of your story. (the quality of your writing is the concern for your revision. The completeness of your story is the concern for your rough draft)

3) When you get stuck for what happens next, make lists.
Do you take a lunch break, or have time between classes? keep an appointment with yourself at least once a week, and write at least 1 question about your story and come up with at least 5 different answers for that question. Write 5 answers, not 5 good answers. If you give too much thought to the quality of the answer you may stall. the first answer will be the most obvious. Two answers are likely to be stupid (remember, the goal is *5 answers* not 5 *good* answers. Let the dreck flow.) Of the other two you’ll end up with some good material. Make this a practice and your subconscious will get more and more used to sending you fitting solutions to your stuck places in your stories.

keep at it!”

Layla Nahar


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