Ask Correia #13: Ripping Off Ideas

John’s thoughts: I talked briefly about this in a writing group I am in. This is more in depth.

Monster Hunter Nation

I got this posted to the comments a few days ago. My answer got really big so I turned it into another Ask Correia post on writing! 😀

Mr. Correia, like the poster above, I, too, am interested in a career in writing, but I have a bit of a different issue. Back in December, either Ace of Spades HQ or Instapundit (quite possibly both) linked to “An Opinion on Gun Control” and I duly read it. Having never heard of you or your work, I kept poking around your site and then picked up a copy of the Monster Hunters omnibus, partly because the series sounded awesome and partly because there were some vague similarities to a book idea I’ve been working on off and on for a couple years now (work and life have intervened, but I have somewhere between 20-30 pages of outlines and about the same…

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