What would it take to actually skydive from Space?

I’m working on a sci-fi adventure story where the main character is stranded in space. I was researching ways for a person could do a somewhat safely re-enter the atmosphere of a planet (Mars).

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Yesterday’s jump by Felix Baumgartner was an incredible feat. He jumped from approximately 24 miles up. Space starts at the Karman Line or about 62 miles in altitude. So the jump was not even half way to space or to quote Neil deGrasse Tyson’s tweet from yesterday – “A corresponding fall to a schoolroom globe begins 1 millimeter above its surface. I’m just saying”

What would it take to survive a real jump from space?

There are several requirements for actual space diving. The space suit like Felix’s would have to protect the diver from temperature, no atmosphere, pressures etc. There would need to be some means of heat protection from the reentry phase. If the astronaut was diving from orbit then the friction of orbital speeds would require some sort of heat shield protection.
G-forces would be tremendous on such a diver.

In the 1960’s, under contract from NASA, General Electric…

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