Work and the future

I currently work at a grocery store. My dream is to eventually write and also eventually publish a novel. Which in turn should help me with my retirement plans in the far future.

At least live comfortably for a while.

Enough dreaming. Currently Walmart is building two stores in my city. Both in close proximity to my store. Naturally this has me and some of my coworkers a little bit concerned for our futures.

Several years ago and up to earlier this year I tried to find ways to start a business and make money online to supplement and eventually, should it happen, replace my usual income. This was really hard and I didn’t even make a penny. Everyone seems to want your money though.

I gave up.

Resigned, I stopped reading, looking and educating myself and told myself it was a fool’s errand to even try anymore.

A few months pass. One day I come home I turn my computer on and check out Facebook, then when I have dinner, watch some documentaries on youtube. On Facebook, while checking out funny pics, I see a comment. I can’t remember what it said, but something made me click the link. It took me to a capture page and after I watched the video, I decided to try it out. I put my information and clicked enter.

Immediately or nearly so, I got a friend request on FB from the person who wrote the comment with the link. I went through the process of getting signed up and doing the requirements most of which were free, but some I chose cost a little bit like $1.99 and so on. I was in.

Then I learned what I got myself into.

At first I was devastated.

Then I thought about it. Anything worth getting should take some work.

So I buckled in and got going. To tell you the truth, I haven’t made any money yet. From reading all the posts on the FB groups, many people are having success. I just need to work on it.

Just keep a positive mindset and keep moving. Keep doing. Nothing ever makes itself.

Blood, sweat and tears go into businesses, and it is no different online. At least that is what I am telling myself.

There are no free rides but this is as close I have seen it come.

Note: Link was removed as WordPress does not like Affiliate links.

I am interested in any comments you may have 🙂


2 thoughts on “Work and the future

  1. I think the easiest way to make money online is the adwords. A friend of mine from Ekaria is semi-retired and writes a lot about the economy (“Road to the Middle Class”). He makes a nice little sum from Google’s ad services. Also, if you ever find yourself in a real pinch you could always go try and work the oil fields in North Dakota. Cold as hell but 100K/year with little or no experience so long as you’ve graduated high school..

    • Funny thing is that I am from Montana. My Mom is currently living with her boyfriend on his farm 18 miles outside of Williston ND. That is an option as Mom told me about the oil boom going on.

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