Writing discovery

For years, I have been sporadically looking for a way to find my writing process. I know that I do not want to write by the seat of my pants only to look forward to endless rewrites that “might” make it better.

I have discovered Larry Brook’s Story Engineering a couple of months ago. Pretty good information, at least I think so that I bought some of his stuff.

Last night, an associate of mine told me of FocusWriter. It is a free, opensource writing program that is distraction free.

I am all about distraction free. I have Jdarkroom. I used it.

The only problem is that Jdarkroom saves only in text format.

I am looking for programs that save in real text format or dot rtf format.

Reason being, is that rtf is, so far, readable by nearly any writing program on the planet (US side) I think.

Real text is better than text as it saves formatting. I think.

Anyways, after watching the new Conan movie at a friend’s house last night, I got home and downloaded FocusWriter. At first, I was taken aback by the gray screen with cursor. I typed a little. I remembered reading something about mousing at the top. There was the menu bar.


After a little fiddling, I think I can easily use FocusWriter to write my scenes and use yWriter to keep it organized. For idea and outlining I have been using Freemind. Another free java mindmap program that is incredibly easy to use.

I think things are going to work out.

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