Ipad 2 and why I won’t buy it

I have been considering an Ipad 2 for a little while now. Especially since my Acer netbook is having video problems. I have resorted to my older laptop for writing at work, but it is heavy. Light and mobile is what I am wanting.

Ipad 2 with a bluetooth keyboard has my eye.

The deal breaker so far is it lacks usb ports. That is my preferred method of transferring files and backups via external hard drive. Since I have window machines, an apple tablet would not do.

If anything, I might get a macbook air, macbook, or at the extreme end of my budget if I manage to save enough over a year, a macbook pro.

Even though those seem sexy and desirable, I most likely get another netbook or ultraportable (cheap one) with windows as that is what I am most familiar with.

I seen a netbook model that has windows 7 64 bit, (wow). I just upgraded my old desktop with win7 home premium 64 bit this year and they have a laptop that is similar?

I plan on using the netbook for writing and surfing the web. Intention is on writing first and mobility was an issue, but more battery power is key. The Toshiba satellite I have is currently fitting the bill for now. Just getting a bit of a workout carrying the sob. Learning that I get more juice not using the web at work when at lunch and just write.

From my past experience though, I might just leave the laptop at home and just take notes at work. I noticed that I hardly every wrote anything away from home. I have a digital voice recorder and always have a pen and paper on hand. With that past experience in mind, I may have to forget getting a new netbook or ultraportable for the foreseeable future.

Might be fiscally responsible for me.


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