This is my current opinion.

I am of the view that politicians will say whatever they say to gather votes to put them into power. They really do not care about you. They only care about themselves. They will promise and keep on saying they will do whatever they promise to do once they get into office. Once they get into that office, the campaign promises are out the door. They are in power now. Why should they keep their promises? We will vote them out next election? They count on the low memory span of the voters. People forget. Life happens, people die, people are born. Things happen. Those in power count on this to aid in their agenda. To get rich and live the dream while those that work hard get shafted.

Shifting gears to another subject:

When Nancy Pelosi stated that “We should pass the bill so we could see what is on it” statement really pissed me off. I am generally a peace abiding citizen that takes the route of least resistance even though I am a veteran. That statement by the Speaker of the House told me that I was not intelligent nor educated enough to decide for myself whether or not the bill was good or bad and just pass it to see what would happen. That is plain idiocy. That bill could contain any number of hidden plans that could undermine or outright destroy things that are integral to the nation. Pretty sure they didn’t make brazen remarks about destroying America in that bill, but it is probably in there somewhere in spirit.

Are we truly a free people?


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