The Legalities of Shooting People

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I’m writing this blog post because I’ve seen a lot of really ignorant comments from a lot of otherwise intelligent folks about some recent shootings. It is really easy to be swayed by knee jerk emotion, but luckily we live in America, where we have a justice system based on evidence and the rule of law. I’m not going to get into the Brown shooting too much because I wasn’t on the grand jury and haven’t read the evidence presented in that particular case, but I’m going to explain how use of force laws work so I don’t have to keep repeating myself.

This will vary state by state, but these are the fundamentals for most places in the US. There are some legal differences between police and regular folks shooting people, but basically the rules are similar. I’m not an attorney in your state, and this is not meant…

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Finances and other stuff

Other than looking for work…for over a year now, I have been looking at alternate methods of generating income.

I wanted to be a writer and that is still on the table. My mind has been fixated on finding income and it has a stranglehold on my creative energies.

“Fear is the mind killer…”

Lately, I have been trying another route. Photography.

I gotten this idea on my Facebook feed. The local news station had a story about selling your photos. One of the sites was Snapwire. Although it was first geared towards users of smartphones and instagram, they branched out and those with cameras and a computer can upload photos for sale. I tried to get accepted and eventually a friend saw my efforts and offered to show me the ropes. Thank you Desmond. It is rather hard, it seems, to make any sale there at Snapwire. I have been a member there for a couple of months now. I only made one sale and it was $1.50.

Hey, it’s a start.

I was using a Canon Powershot A2200 camera. A point and shoot. Still, it is a very nice camera. I wanted something better though and looked online. Found what I wanted. I scrounged up some money, Bless You Mom…and got a used Nikon D3000 on Ebay and eventually got two lenses. First lens was a used Sigma 18mm-50mm lens. It was manual focus only. It was usable but I wanted to get a lens that was auto-focus capable. I soon found a Nikkor 18mm-55mm lens at a local pawn shop. It was used and banged up, but it works.

So I been taking pictures and putting them up online to see how it goes. Crossing my fingers.

Oh, here is “Finances” below. Clicking on it will take you to my Fine Art America Gallery.


BOOK BOMB! Chaplain’s War by Brad Torgersen


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Today we are Book Bombing Brad Torgersen’s debut novel, Chaplain’s War.

A chaplain serving in Earth’s space fleet is trapped behind enemy lines where he struggles for both personal survival and humanity’s future.

The mantis cyborgs: insectlike, cruel, and determined to wipe humanity from the face of the galaxy.

The Fleet is humanity’s last chance: a multi-world, multi-national task force assembled to hold the line against the aliens’ overwhelming technology and firepower. Enter Harrison Barlow, who like so many young men of wars past, simply wants to serve his people and partake of the grand adventure of military life. Only, Harrison is not a hot pilot, nor a crack shot with a rifle. What good is a Chaplain’s Assistant in the interstellar battles which will decide the fate of all?

More than he thinks. Because while the mantis insectoids are determined to eliminate the human threat to mantis…

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How to read and understand a scientific paper: a guide for non-scientists


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Update (8/30/14): I’ve written a shorter version of this guide for teachers to hand out to their classes. If you’d like a PDF, shoot me an email: jenniferraff (at) utexas (dot) edu.

Last week’s post (The truth about vaccinations: Your physician knows more than the University of Google) sparked a very lively discussion, with comments from several people trying to persuade me (and the other readers) that their paper disproved everything that I’d been saying. While I encourage you to go read the comments and contribute your own, here I want to focus on the much larger issue that this debate raised: what constitutes scientific authority?

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File 770 is mad at me again, so I explain how authors Get Paid


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I got a track back in the comments on this: 

Glyver has had this weird hate boner for me ever since I meddled in the sainted Hugo process. I can’t imagine why a guy with 28 Hugo nominations would be upset when somebody starts a campaign to get outsiders nominated. Of course, he gets just about everything wrong in his summation of what Sad Puppies is about, but we’re used to that sort of hit and run tactic. At least he didn’t say it was about promoting racism.

I don’t have time to do a proper fisking, but the article is about the latest Vox vs. Scalzi thing, and somehow I got drug into it. Apparently Scalzi got angry on Twitter because people kept telling him I make more money than he does. A. I have no idea if I do or not. B. I don’t really care.

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